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Trillo company is related to supply chains and anchors for moorings for over 100 years. Currently Trillo Anclas & Cadenas is an up-to-date company which supplies complete mooring equipments all over the world.

We have a large stock of materials for immediate delivery, including:

· Stud link chains in a wide range of measures in grade 2 and 3.
· Both conventional and high holding power anchors.
· Fittings such as Kenter shackle, swivels, D shackles, etc.
· Fish farming equipment. In accordance with the specifications of our customers we assemble complete anchoring for marines and fish farmings including buoys, rings, shackles, fibre ropes, chains and anchors.

All these materials have their I.A.C.S. certificate of approval.

In our facilities we have a tensile testing machine recognized by some of the most international prestigious certification societies such as Lloyd's Register, Bureau Veritas and Det Norske Veritas, in order to verify and certify the products we sell.